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Your Posts Stink - Be More Like Stevie.

Amazon is coming for fashion, we know this....will they succeed, won't they succeed --- this isn't what this read is about.

This is about the ONE THING in their ad below that BLOWS AWAY nearly every instagram post I've seen by fashion brands and retailers. All brands and store owners can and MUST start to do this immediately for accelerated sales growth.

Amazon's recent campaign brilliantly lays out, the exact process our brains go through EVERY SINGLE TIME we consciously and subconsciously shop.

I will lay it out for the seats in the back. and you will use this to plan Every. Single. Post.

THIS IS YOUR BLUEPRINT AND PLANNER. Not some stupid calendar that a quote every Tuesday. It's canned, fake and it's garbage (unless it's YOUR quote). Recirculating quotes is lazy. Disclaimer: I DO post quotes but I post quotes by actual humans. It feels better to me because their words reflect their journey. I am personally and adamantly against the recirculated cat-poster-style quotes.

Here it is: Every time a person shops they ask themselves:

How will I be transformed when I purchase this product?

She wonders: Can I possibly own this dress and will it uncork my inner power from under this conservative sweater and will the real me be unleashed?

She believes: Why Yes! I see myself as That Person. (See Lizzo for more on who That Person is.)

If you can't make compelling posts and you think just throwing up a photo of a shirt on a hanger is going to move the needle, YOU ARE WRONG. Don't settle for a sale here and there...strive to really connect deeply in the SUBCONSCIOUS of your customers and watch your sales soar.

Sign up for my FREE AUDIT of your posts. After the audit you will get, FOR FREE, the unique FILTER PROCESS I developed and 25 new ACTION, DESCRIPTIVE, SEXY, POWER words to use to deeply connect with your customer.

Be Like Stevie.

go to book your audit and learn more about me at:


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