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Google Search but Not What you Think!

Learn here about NearSt.

Own a Store – you MUST watch this video and check out I mean, I've never heard of this and it’s mind blowing!

What is it?

Google search by proximity (ok, what's the big deal....) but this is by PRODUCT!

According to NearSt founder Nick Brackenbury, they are “all about getting people back into brick

and mortar stores and we're doing this by making the products that are

in brick-and-mortar stores visible on the web”

Pain Point?

You could be standing outside a shop that has product you are searching for

and your phone will STILL give search results for online or warehouse locations

because your phone doesn't know the products are there.

Tech Solution:

It means that instead of a scenario where you pull out your phone and your search results send you to google sites to buy on-line, NearSt will guide the search to what's closest by product data.

Product data is made available to the likes of major search engines such as Google,

Facebook and Uber from the store's inventory system so that ultimately people on the web can know, as Nick puts it...."oh my God, actually all these products are available in shops nearby and I never even realized it."

And Nick proudly states, “And so that's how we're getting people back into brick and mortar shops!”

This is a great work around for stores that are still not up to speed with a website or who want to enhance their selling ecosystem.

Want to learn more? Contact me at

Check out Near.St.

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