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Instant Commerce

Learn about Instant Commerce - formerly known as The Last Mile - for retailers today.

The on-demand market has been accelerated because of covid-19 and Amazon.

What is Instant Commerce? Instant commerce is same-day or two-day shipping available to all-sized retailers: independent, SMBs and enterprise. These shipping resources are available to brick and mortar and ecomm. Read on for list of suppliers that can separate retailers from the beleaguered and overwhelmed shippers like UPS and FedEx - who have come out and stated that they cannot make delivery dates as expected.

The Pain:

“Where's my shipment?!!!!” inquiries from customers are absolute relationship-breakers.

List of Retail Tech Suppliers:

National retailers such as Walmart and Party City are using large-scale suppliers such as and Independents, small and medium-sized businesses as well as vertical retailers and brands can partner with a national supplier such as Lyft is also throwing their hat into the retail Last Mile. Lastly, let’s not forget that Instacart is adding brands on the regular.

Why It Matters:

Taking control of your delivery and delivering to the customer in competitive timelines like same day or 2 day is critical now and post covid.

More importantly, it is critical to show timeline deliveries on your website in order to compete. Want more information?

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