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Personalization 2.0

We’ve all been there – routed to ill-fitting search matches like a string of bad Tinder dates because AI thinks they “know” us based on our digital footprint.

Don’t believe me? Dave Wesley, President of, Dave Wesley ~ President, of, states:….AI is mostly useless unless there is data to process.

Pain Point:

For the Consumer: The online experience is cold, overwhelming and lacks engagement.

For the Retailer: The product isn’t reaching the right audience.

For the Laptop or Phone: 1,000 tabs are open and the fan is whirling like a jetliner.

Solution: Show me what I want!

How can you, the independent, small, medium, enterprise retailer reduce bounce rates because of bad AI? Let’s cut through the noise and learn about technology solutions from two different companies.

Ecomm Merchandising, Segmentation and Personalization has evolved from High Tech to incorporate Human Touch.

“Discoverability is such a problem.” – Jody Stoeher, Chief Revenue Officer,

We Like Likes

The first solution is While AI is used to generate what the customer sees – “Likes/Dislikes” drive accuracy and effectiveness incorporating a client’s OWN feedback. Even Amazon has started to quietly roll out their own version of this feature because Amazon acknowledges that their search could be much better. Don’t believe me? Check it out here

See my discussion with Jody Stoehr, Chief Revenue Officer of as she explains the extraordinary increases in revenues ecomm sites experience with technology and Personalization 2.0.

Take Control of Search Results

“Search is Rubbish” – Andre Brown, CEO,

Another solution is to curate search so that each customer has a different version of your site, individually personalized.

Adjustments to ‘Sequencing of Search Results’ drives merchandising objectives and can serve, for example, a dozen different people twelve different version of that same page.

Advanced Commerce empowers you to merchandise your site like you would your store: Tell stories and create collections. You can do so by color, by region, by last items purchased – the options are limitless. How? Check out my conversation with Andre Brown, Founder and CEO of

Product Pairing Done Right also has an AI-based pairing feature to, again, drive personalized search results. This is more effective that a “Frequently Bought Together” solution because that doesn’t incorporate the clients feedback and usually leads to bad matches. drives better matches. Don’t take it from me. Listen to Jody Stoehr discuss this feature:

Speaking of AI, Join me at Derric Haynie’s The Future of Ecommerce for Fashion and Apparel Brands virtual event. Learn More in this 30 second video.

Would you like a transcript of My Tech Founder Interviews? No Problem! Use button below.

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