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Effectively Harness Customer Feedback Technology to Drives Sales.

Ever wonder if your customer programs are working? If you said yes, then you join the best and brightest because understanding customer data trends is an obsession with the best and brightest in retail. However, do you know if your data is clean?

4 reasons why typical surveys are not effective:

  1. Ranters and Ravers skew data

  2. Desensitized – sameness and unfocused questions diminish feedback accuracy

  3. Too late – the most accurate sentiment is measured in the actual moment of transaction and most surveys are too late.

  4. Misdirected motivation – financial incentives can skew respondents to disassociate feedback from actual experiences.

Technology solutions such as TruRating have emerged to solve many of the pain points retailers face with muddy data from bad feedback.

One Question To Rule Them All

What if you could get customer feedback data with ONE question that’s more accurate than any standard-bearing CX survey. What if I told you that 80% of brick and mortar shoppers engage and 50%+ ecomm engage.

You: It’s Madness!

Me: It’s real.

Muddy Data vs. the Moment of Truth

When you ask someone something, when they are in the moment, it’s called the Moment of Truth which leads to results that are more accurate than if you ask them after the event. When asked after the event, a client’s feedback is less clear as their mood and their memory can impact their recollection. Welcome to Muddy Data. Ew.

Listen To The Silent Majority

The largest cohort of consistent shoppers can provide a gold-mine of experience feedback. Harness their feedback for intelligent insights.

Let’s learn more.

Don’t take it from me, let’s hear from Georgina Nelson CEO of TruRating. Nelson used her background as a Consumer Lawyer and her experience in Psychology to create a technology that delivers real-time, representative data around retailers’ customers. Retailers use this data to build effective strategies and decision making.

One and Done? Actually, No.

If you’re wondering how ONE question provides so much information, learn how TruRating rotates questions to harness data and identify statistically significant trends across a set period of time.

Brick AND Clicks

Everyone hates annoying pop-ups on ecomm sites. Let’s hear how TruRating engages over 50%+ of online shoppers without pissing off your customers.

Oh, and how about we throw a little SEO in the mix.

Responses from brick & mortar locations as well as ecomm are indexed, therefore search engines feed the retailers’ rich snippets/star rating as well as the knowledge graph/reviews from the web driving up SEO.

Watch In-depth. Interviews HERE.


TruRating is offering 20% discount on setup costs to anyone who mentions this report.

Questions? (Or if you noticed the LOTR reference, you rock and let’s be friends!)

Email me here:

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