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A Hero's Journey --- (Pricing Journey)

We’re talking about the real hero of your digital or physical retail – The Product but specifically, the journey (and pricing!) from pre-inventory selling all the way through to the end (with all efforts to keep it out of the sale bin!)

This tech service provider is a powerhouse at dynamic pricing adjustments.

The Pain

Answer this: how much should I order while mitigating risk and avoiding missed sales?

Meet Purple Dot - the ‘Waitlist Company’ - Purple Dot allows the retailer to

maximize selling while managing margins to avoid deep discounts through the science and psychology of waiting and waitlists.

Keep going to learn more directly from co-founder John Talbott.….

Why does Waitlist Pricing matter?

But don't take it from me, watch and listen to John explain how he and his co-founder landed on the revenue opportunities (hint: it's from the hospitality industry) for retailers when they offer a buy-now and a pay-and-wait option. This empowers clients in ways that have not been seen in fashion.

To read more, about the innovation of Purple Dot - check out this interview and recognition as One to Watch in Retail Innovation Tech Hub .

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